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Our mission is to establish a mutual aid fund that provides individuals with a reliable source of financial support for essential needs such as groceries, bills, rent, and more, as I firmly believe that having the means to meet these necessities is fundamental to maintaining good mental health. To realize this mission, we first will dedicate 10% of our profits to The Trevor Project until we are ready to dedicate 10% of our profits towards building the fund, with the ultimate goal of channeling 100% of our profits towards this vital cause.

Together, we can create a community where financial security and mental well-being go hand in hand.


Talea Jackson

Hey Babes,

I'm Talea, and I've walked the challenging path of overcoming many mental health obstacles. My vision is to blend the lines of our differences and create understanding among people from all cultures and backgrounds. By embracing the dark side of mental health and highlighting our strength in overcoming challenges, we can foster unity and acceptance

I've joined Mode on an incredible journey to shed light on all aspects of mental health. Together, we've become a reliable source of comfort for each other as we navigate our personal journeys. Through our creative partnership and shared love for beautiful scents and words, we express ourselves and uplift those around us.

My handles on social media is under "stfujustbehappy." This has been my personal mantra throughout the years, a reminder to silence the doubts and embrace happiness despite the obstacles. It's through this mantra that I've found the strength to overcome and now aim to inspire others to do the same.

At our candle company, we go beyond creating beautiful scents and soothing ambiance. We strive to provide a sanctuary where people find solace, healing, and empowerment. By coming together, sharing our stories, and supporting one another, we can create a world where mental health is destigmatized and everyone feels seen and heard.

So, let's embrace our emotions, find inner peace, and together, create a world where we can all be unapologetically happy.

#stfujustbehappy <3 Talea Jackson

Mode Zhao

Hi all, 

I'm Mode, and I've been driven to create by a kind of deep restlessness that arises when faced with problems that require patience. And the frustration that arises when I can't change my circumstances as quickly as I'd like.

Existing in a field of persistent trauma has made it challenging to feel valid. However, I've discovered that connecting with my true self across all dimensions of mind, body, and spirit can be both self-disparaging and self-empowering.

In the Autumn of 2019, during a painful holiday season marked by seasonal affective disorder and the aftermath of hospitalization, I turned to candle-making as a source of solace. This therapeutic practice helped me navigate the lingering effects that affected my language processing and daily functioning.

Through my candle creations, I aspire to shed light on the interconnected nature of mental health while also supporting the creative energy of transmitting emotions through the written word.

The Journey

How We Started

Mode Korvidae Co. emerged from Mode’s personal journey of triumphing over hospitalization, where they faced the loss of language skills and memory. Seeking solace and a platform to share my struggles, they established this candle and home goods company, dedicated to fostering honesty, destigmatizing mental health, and raising awareness.


Our heartfelt endeavor began in the Autumn of 2019, approximately one year after my hospitalization, during which they encountered significant challenges in language processing, communication, and daily functioning. With unwavering support and care, they persevered, gradually regaining the ability to connect with others and care for myself independently.

Mode’s personal journey of rebuilding has been a continuous process spanning five years. Each passing day reinforces the importance of community, fueling my drive to create something meaningful for those facing regular wellness difficulties.


In the Spring of 2021, Mode Korvidae celebrated the successful launch of their first pre-sale release. Thanks to the support of cherished family and friends, we were able to acquire the necessary materials to complete our inaugural production run.


Summer 2022 marked the beginning of our journey into pop-up markets, initially with modest success. Despite investing significant personal and investor resources, the proceeds barely covered the table fees. However, the tides turned in winter when we participated in AAPI-centered markets. It was here that we finally witnessed tangible results and connected with a community that wholeheartedly embraced our creations, advocacy, and commitment to mental health awareness.

Today, we proudly stand as a resilient team, surpassing our own expectations and embracing a remarkable journey of progress.

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