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Our Motivation Behind This Mental Health Project

Our Motivation Behind This Mental Health Project - Mode Korvidae

Our company's story begins with our own experiences of mental health challenges. We found a need for a place to ground ourselves and reflect on our own journeys.

From these experiences, we created candles that shed light on various aspects of mental health, addiction, abuse, and the complexities of emotional struggles. Each candle is designed to align with specific aspects of the human experience. Our aim is to share our stories and offer a product that may provide comfort to others.

Our goal is simple: to create products that offer solace and understanding while opening a door to connection. These candles offered me a glimmer of relief as I navigated my own mental health journey, and we hope they can do the same for you.

Why we chose our product names not to shy away from the difficult or unpleasant ideas about mental health

Our company name, "Mode Korvidae," is a tribute to the unique community and behaviors of corvid birds such as crows, ravens, and magpies. "Corvidae" represents this family of intelligent and adaptable birds, known for their intricate social structures and fascinating rituals, including how they mourn their dead. "Mode" signifies a state of being or the manner in which something occurs. Together, these words symbolize the profound sense of community that these birds exemplify.

Much like these remarkable birds, we at Mode Korvidae Co. aspire to create a safe space where conversations about mental health struggles—difficult, complex, and sometimes dark—are not just welcome but normalized, shedding light on these challenging issues.

The Story Behind Each Candle

no. 1 panic attack

The name of our first candle, "Panic Attack." This was chosen because anxiety affects so many people, yet it can be hard to talk about. We wanted to provide a safe place to start the conversation. The scent of this candle is citrusy and refreshing with a hint of floral.

no. 2 deep cries

The second candle in our line is called "Deep Cries." This was chosen because depression is a topic that is often taboo but one that we feel needs to be talked about more. The scent of this candle is calming and grounding, with notes of lavender and chamomile.

no. 3 breakthrough

The third candle is called "Breakthrough." This was chosen because it celebrates the hope and healing that often comes after a breakdown. The scent of this candle is uplifting and empowering, with notes of citrus and refreshing floral.

no. 4 double-edged

The fourth candle is called "Double-Edged," inspired by the ability to turn pain and trauma into growth and transformation. Its bright and refreshing scent highlights how freeing yet grounding it is to transform the discomfort of change into something beautiful. The smell of this candle is fresh and clean, with notes of oakmoss and plumeria.

no. 5 recovery

The fifth candle is called "Recovery." This was chosen because addiction is a topic that is often seen as taboo. We wanted to provide a safe space to talk about addiction and recovery. This light yet powerful scent is meant to invoke the hope and courage it takes to walk the path of recovery. The smell of this candle is a blend of fresh florals and linens in a sunny breeze.

no. 6 bleary-eyed

Dissociative disorders inspire the sixth candle called "Bleary-eyed." Those who struggle with dissociation will experience distortion, a blurred sense of identity, and detachment, which can be challenging. We wanted to create a candle to help those struggling feel less alone and provide a sense of comfort. The scent of this candle is warm and earthy. It feels like walking through a mossy, smokey underground passageway to which a grounding place will soon arrive. 

no. 7 protected

The seventh candle is called "Protected," which is inspired by those in our lives who have looked out for us and the idea of what it means to be cared for. The scent of this candle is a mix of fresh florals and woods, meant to invoke the feeling of being safe, seen, and held.

no. 8 side effects

The eighth candle is "Side Effects." This candle addresses suicide, suicidal ideation, and the experience of feeling cast aside in the idea of being secondary to others. It also touches on the experience of those who often experience side effects of their medications which can feel isolating and lonely. The scent of this candle is bright and citrusy, blending grapefruit and eucalyptus meant to inspire hope and courage.

no. 9 impossible

The ninth candle is "Impossible," which is about domestic violence and abuse. Dark emotions almost distinctly have the quality of feeling like they are impossible to escape. This can lead to limiting beliefs about what options we have to find solutions or recover. Impossible is a warm, complex, mellow scent inspired by the comfort of knowing that you are unstoppable despite feeling hopeless when in an abusive situation.


Our Hopes  

By supporting mental health awareness and inspiring purpose through community, healing, & connection, Mode Korvidae Co. helps those dealing with depression, anxiety, and addiction find hope and healing.

Every purchase made goes towards supporting our mission-driven company and its efforts to promote positive mental health everywhere!

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